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flexible work & staff on-demand

Image Of Jump App Supplying Flexible Work & Staff On-demand

how it works.

download jump today.

how it works.

1. Create a profile

Your next job starts on jump. Just download the app, create a profile and tell us your preferences. Once you’ve signed up and vetted, you’re good to go.

2. Register for Work or Post a Job

Looking for work? Let employees know you’re keen to get cracking. Need work done? Just post a job, kick back, and wait for the skilled applicants to roll in.

3. Accept Jobs or Applicants

Jump lets you work your way, with the freedom to cherry pick the juiciest jobs and elite talent, that match exactly what you need, to unlock your lifestyle or business needs.

4. Complete the Shift

With the work locked in, it’s time to punch in. Simply complete the shift, slay the work, and start building street cred on Jump for being a boss worker or employer.

5. Fast & Easy Payment Processing

Show me the money! With fast and stress-free payment processing upon successful completion, we remove the hard, creating a seamless experience for all.

download jump today.

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Your next job starts on Jump. With easy access to hundreds of exclusive job opportunities paying above the award rate, and a simple onboarding process.

Gain exposure to multiple working environments, with the freedom to choose the work you want, when you want it. With rapid transfer to your bank account upon successful delivery, Jump gets that sweet dosh in your hot little hands, pronto.


looking to

Get on with running your business, and let the easy-to-use Jump app manage the HR process from start to finish.

Build a flexible workforce of qualified, reliable workers, with the ability to staff up and down in line with unforeseen challenges and business opportunities. It’s safe and secure, with integrated app experiences, real-time functionality including reporting, for a seamless recruiting experience.


work on demand

We are about to put the power of working and hiring in your hands. Jump is the future of employment freedom, connecting workers with businesses in an easy-to-use real-time app.

get on jump!

easy to use

Forget the CVs and interviews – find work in a tap on the Jump app.

work less. earn more.

Pick and choose fulfilling work, get paid fast, and unlock the lifestyle you want.

right person. right now.

Fast-track the recruitment process by connecting to reliable, fully vetted talent.